Jim Cairns

The Driver

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Rex Baker

The Mechanic

Master of the "Patch ups"

About us

Against the Grain includes Jim Cairns and Rex Baker, who will be competing together in the 2014 Australasian Safari.

Jim Cairns

Jim was racing from Sydney to Darwin in the inaugural Wynn’s Safari, now the Australasian Safari, in 1985. While overtaking a car in the dust just out of Birdville, Queensland, Jim crashed on his KTM 600 motorcycle, shattering his right femur and breaking his spine, resulting in paraplegia. Now a Count Me In Ambassador, Jim lives on a property just outside of Perth with his wife and children. Jim handcycles to maintain fitness, though his sense of adventure draws him to challenge himself by participating in exhilarating journeys like The Ride and the Australasian Safari.

Rex Baker

Rex has been involved in disability care from a young age, caring for his mother who had Multiple Sclerosis that saw her rely on a wheelchair. A diesel mechanic by trade, Rex loves off-road motorbike journeys and has been part of many remote WA adventures with Jim, including The Ride. Rex is a father of twins and lives in Perth with his wife.

Other members of Against the Grain

Check out the inspiring stories of Terry Mader, Craig Parsons and Anton Zappelli who are the other core team members on The Ride.

Against the Grain is supported by Fairholme Disability Support Group.

Fairholme Disability Support Group has been making a real difference in the lives of people with disability and mental illness, their families and carers through advocacy and community projects since 1981. Both Against the Grain and Fairholme Disability Support Group actively work toward furthering the West Australian Government’s Count Me In vision, where all people live in welcoming communities that facilitate citizenship, friendship, mutual support and a fair go for everyone. Together, they advocate the notion that people with disability or mental illness have the inherent right, as do other members of society, to realise their individual capacities to achieve a sense wellbeing and quality of life.

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