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Make My Day, Don’t Take My Bay!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We had the opportunity today to take the buggy down to Forrest Place in the Perth CBD to promote the Count Me In message. We were also there to help launch the National Disabilities Services WA’s newest initiative – Make My Day, Don’t Take My Bay.

Russell Woolf and Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi joined us as we chatted to the public about how parking in marked ACROD bays can really put people like Jim out. You might think you’re only popping into the shops for five minutes, or that there are heaps of bays available and you won’t be inconveniencing anyone. However, the space an ACROD bay gives a disabled person is often hugely important. For Jim, he needs a bit more space to get into his vehicle, and if he can’t have that space then he has to give his keys to a stranger to reverse his car out for him – not ideal (and try explaining that to the coppers if someone were to take off with the car)! Some people might not look disabled to you, but everyone with an ACROD parking permit has a legitimate reason and need for those blue bays.

So, Make [Jim’s] Day, Don’t Take [His] Bay!

Rex, Lisa Scaffidi and Jim

Jim Cairns recording the Make my day don't take my bay promotion

Make my day, don't take my bay!

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