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Against the Grain does the Australasian Safari – Day Two

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Got into Murchison tonight after a pretty interesting day. Well, we started off alright but things escalated quickly as I (Jim) started to feel a bit crook thanks to Rex’s rough driving (“yeah, alright, it was rough terrain, mate” – Rex). When Rex drives it’s very, very rough! And I had a lot of trouble trying to hold me stomach together…I started strong and I felt really good during the morning and then I started to feel car sick and eventually it had to come out...it wasn’t a pretty sight. I was destroyed! So we got the chopper in to come and pick me up for a rest. I was very appreciative of Rex because I was thinking ‘I can’t let him down, I’ve got to stay in here’! (“But I told him his mum would never forgive me!” – Rex)

Fifty-four years old and he’s telling me ‘You’re mum will never forgive me!!’…so he called the chopper in and I’m glad he did. Although I was hoping Rex would’ve been a bit bigger hearted ‘cause he knows I get crook, so he should’ve offered to navigate for the rest of the trip ;)

Other than that, the buggy felt really good today.

I’m at the helm tomorrow!

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