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Against the Grain does the Australasian Safari – Day Three

Monday, 22 September 2014

Made it to Gascoyne Junction today, which is where our bivouac is for the next couple of days.

Today Rex was navigating and using a pretty flash technique which I believe is called “Just Follow the Dust”. (“Yeah, but it worked. And we didn’t start spewin’ today, did we?” – Rex).

The first stage was a bit horrendous with a couple of mechanical failures, which meant Rex had to hop out and change a belt and a tyre. Meanwhile, I had nothing to do ‘cause I’ve finished all my Sudoku puzzles so I just had to sit around and eat dust as the vehicles passed us. Even though these sorts of failures do put you behind a bit no matter what sort of pace you’ve set before you have a hiccup, we did end up being the first buggy across the line for the second stage of the day.

Our strategy at the moment is to take things steady to keep our mechanics in tact…

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