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Against the Grain does the Australasian Safari – Day Five and Six

Thursday, 25 September 2014

We left Gascoyne Junction on the 24th headed towards Exmouth, and it really was a bugger of a day. About 100km into the stage, we found our oil was low and we risked doing more damage to the vehicle if we kept going, so we got towed in. Unfortunately, that meant we had to cop the brunt of a lot of penalties. Today, we were lucky to have one of our great supporters from Titan Australia donate an engine to us so we could replace the one in the buggy. We’re crossing our fingers that everything will be alright from now on after this fairly significant repair! So although we didn’t compete today, and we had to surrender in yesterday’s stage, we came into this race wanting to finish it and we still expect to do that.

After a couple of nights here in Exmouth, we move on to Carnarvon tomorrow. Looking forward to the drive (well, Rex is – I better get hold of my anti-nausea tablets again) and taking in some of WA’s most spectacular coast line. Hoping to enjoy it briefly, though, and not for an extended period with a broken buggy!

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